industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems

Purified water is an essential part of the food, beverage, cosmetic, chemical, and pharmaceuticals industries as well as power plants and refineries.

Purified water can be obtained through reverse osmosis systems. A complete reverse osmosis system includes several steps to get the result ofeffective purified water.

We are the leading supplier of industrial reverse osmosis systems. With our qualified professionals, we are able to offer customized systems in a variety of ranges according to your requirements and needs





RiTech Water Systems Canada


• Customize water purification system with a carbon filter, water softener, reverse osmosis system, purified water holding tanks, water distribution system, ultraviolet disinfection system, post filters, de-ionization cartridges and a water quality monitoring system, as required
• NSF certified low and high pressure RO membrane from GE and DOW
• NSF certified Viqua UV disinfection system
• NSF certified pre-filter and post filters for various contaminant removal
• High quality, NSF certified carbon filter and conditioner treats the water entering the RO system to extend membrane life
• Stainless steel membrane vessel
• Powder coated steel frame
• Flow controllers for waste/recycle water flow
• Feed water low pressure switch with solenoid valve
• High pressure rating tubing and other components
• NSF and CSA approved electrical motors
• Adequate instrumentation allows system to run smoothly to obtain the highest quality of water
• Non-reactive, plastic holding tank with float switch to shut off RO system when tank is full
• Water quality monitoring system monitors outgoing purified water quality constantly
• Optional stainless steel or pressurized tank available to minimize cross contamination

Benefits of RO Purified Water:

• RO water will reduce maintenance costs by decreasing scaling in boiler tubing, lowering the operating cost of boilers by allowing better heat transfer
• Utilization of purified RO water rather than non-purified source water drastically minimizes scale and sludge damage to heat exchangers and spray nozzles, reducing equipment failure and maintenance costs
• Effective implementation can provide huge savings by reducing usage of water, chemicals, energy and can help companies meet the requirements for ISO 9000 and ISO 14000, HACCP standards
• Environmentally friendly - Utilization of purified RO water for evaporative make-up of chemical baths drastically reduces the frequency of bath dumping; thereby minimizing water source usage, wastewater generation, and chemical consumption
• Better tasting food and beverages
• Trusted zero contamination system