Distilled Water Plan

How our purified water is processed.

Distilling water is an age-old technique of removing contaminants from water. It involves heating water to the boiling point and converting the water to vapor or steam. As the steam rises, the contaminants polluting the water are left behind. The residue is thrown away. The steam is then condensed, creating pure water. Distilled water contains no solids, minerals, trace elements, bacteria, and has no taste or odour.










At “RiTech Water Systems” we process potable water through six basic cleaning processes.

Softening: Our high technology softener removes hard calcium ions, reduces sodium ions and replaces them with soft potassium ions.

Filtering: Our granular activated carbon removes organic contaminants and chlorine. These compounds normally create taste and odor.

Reverse Osmosis: A three to five angstrom, sophisticated and NSF certified membrane separates pure water molecules from larger molecules, including those formed by dissolved minerals, metals and salts. The pure water is collected while the impurities are discharged.

Distillation: RO water then passes through our advanced distillation machines to remove other impurities.

Filtering: Food grade, granular, activated coconut carbon polishes any remaining taste or odor.

Sterilizing: Ultraviolet disinfection system destroys microorganisms for maximum security.

Bottle Rinsing: Periodic cleaning of bottles with a high concentration of ozone is an effective method of killing surface bacteria.

To assure you of consistent quality drinking water, the system is maintained by qualified technicians and tested daily.

Use your savings plan for any bottle size.

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Purchase 400 litres (105.7 gallons) for just $155.00 and receive a BONUS 100 litres (26.4 gallons) absolutely FREE.

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