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Who can test my water?

Water treatment professionals can help you check for causes of unpleasant taste and odor, water hardness, and any potential contamination concerns.

Certified laboratory can also help find out concerns such as lead, bacteria, radon contamination.

You can also use a home water analysis kit to test for poor water.

What should I look for in my water?

If your water comes from a public supply, ask the company that sends you your water bill for a copy of their annual water quality report. It will provide basic information about the water quality. This information may also be available online. You should still test your own water as any piping and plumbing may add contaminants after the water treatment location.

If your water comes from a private well, you should have your water tested annually. The environmental protection agency (EPA) requirements for testing and monitoring municipal water do not apply to privately owned wells, but frequent testing is recommended.

In private wells, the most common problems includes iron, arsenic, pesticides, parasites, coliform and other bacteria, benzene and nitrates contaminations as well as a rotten egg odor.

RiTech Water Systems provides a no obligation water analysis report to find out your water related concerns. Our Chartered Chemists are capable of analyzing water in the store and will provide you with a report and a possible solution for you.

Our certified water treatment specialists will analyze your water needs and recommend the most reliable and affordable solution from our wide range of quality products.
Explore your water treatment options:

Point of Use

Point of use (POU) / under sink solutions are typically used for drinking water applications at one location instead of treating water throughout the entire home.

Point of Entry (POE)

Point of entry (POE) systems are typically used for whole house water treatment.

POE systems are water softening, filtration and disinfection systems.

Points of entry solutions are connected to the main water supply where it enters your house. If you have a water quality issue affecting all areas of your home, then whole house solutions are the best choice for you. POE systems treat more water than POU systems.

Our certified water treatment specialists have over 25 years of experience in installation, maintenance and servicing of leading equipment brands like Pentek, Canature, Kenmore, Viqua and Trojan.They also service all kinds of reverse osmosis systems, water softeners, water filters, UV systems, water coolers and other water treatment related products.

We have in-store services and in-house service available in affordable rates.
Our superior maintenance work is always recognized by our customers.

We also offer a full range of maintenance and servicing packages for your peace-of-mind and to ensure many years of smooth operation with great tasting water.